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Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating is the most widely used form of heating for industrial and commercial premises, it provides an efficient, flexible and cost effective solution to heating warehouses, factories, retail premises, showrooms, workshops and many other industrial and commercial properties. Warm air systems are fired on gas, oil or LPG using suspended or floor standing heater units and operate by passing air within a building over a heat exchanger, heating it, then distributing it evenly throughout the building. The systems can be installed providing low capital outlay and energy efficient running costs, in fact, warm air heating is one of the most cost effective & efficient means of heating industrial and commercial buildings.


The Powrmatic range of NVx suspended gas fired unit heaters have been designed in conjunction with specifiers, installers and end users to provide efficient and cost effective heating solutions for industrial and commercial properties.

Features Include:


  • Natural Gas & LPG

  • Space Saving off floor mounted

  • Room sealed combustion

  • Energy efficient

  • Range of outputs from 10KW to 140KW

  • Tamperproof remote control panel

  • Summer ventilation facility

  • 2 year parts 1 year labour guarantee



The Powrmatic range of CPx freestanding Indirect fired oil or gas fired cabinet heaters are manufactured with stainless steel

Combustion chambers and mild steel heat exchangers.   


Features Include:

  • Natural gas, oil & LPG

  • Front flued appliance

  • Freeblowing or ducted options

  • Energy efficient

  • Range of out puts from 30KW to 300KW

  • Tamperproof control panel

  • Summer ventilation facility

  • 2 year parts 1 year labour guarantee.                                                                                                             

Warm Air Suspended Gas Unit Heater

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can best be described by considering how the sun heats the earth. The sun’s heat energy radiates through space eventually hitting the earth and warming its surface. It is this warmed surface that then heats up and raises the air temperature. Radiant heating works in a similar way, a radiant heater heats people and objects within its vicinity rather than the air surrounding them. It is therefore an ideal form of heat if you are looking to heat a small area of a large space or to heat an area where there is much ventilation. The Powrmatic range of PT radiant tubes offers maximum efficiency from lightweight tubes. The range is available in three types comprising U tubes, single linear and double linear tubes.

Radiant Space Heating Contractors

Features Include:


  • Natural gas and LPG

  • Lightweight construction.

  • Aluminium reflectors

  • Tamperproof remote control panels.

  • Range of outputs from 15KW to 45KW

  • Herringbone systems available with all models

  • Effcient and cost saving heating method

  • Suitable for spot heating

  • 2 year parts 1 year labour guarantee. 

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